Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ok, not normal for me to blog twice in two days but I did say that I would try and get some pics of the reclaimed wood work I've done. I haven't got a camera, as I said before but I thought I'd have a go with the camera on the computer. It's not the best so apologies for the quality. I just thought I'd put some on so you can see what we've done.


3 views of the pallet table and dog!

Pallet WC complete with mad toddler!

Pallet work top. The surface to the right (At right angle to the pallet work top) is made from reclaimed shelving.
 Pallet WC sans toddler

Pallet mirror frame and shelf. The mirror itself is from a charity reclamation shop in Eymoutiers called Le monde allant vers. Mrs Powell made the hearts from left over fabric.