Monday, 7 May 2012

Soap Box Time

OK, time to write again. Unfortunately there is not a lot to report on the Great Correzian Adventure as we are still waiting for the Notaire to do their thing, although apparently all the land they said there is is ours and not François’s from No. 43 Viam high street! Now we need to find out if there is a footpath running through it.

So, in the first blog I promised some reasons for the move and some strong opinions about stuff (I have been told that I’m fairly opinionated so this bit could be fun) Feel free to agree/disagree and comment, I like a good debate. Anyone who tells me to die in various horrible ways, as I have observed happens whenever anyone ventures an opinion on the internet, can consider themselves to be told to “perform sexual intercourse somewhere else” (Quote form Ken Haslam my old biology teacher) until such a time that they grow up and can debate in a more civilised manner.

Why are we leaving Britain? There are a number of reasons.

 To be quite frank one of them is money. There isn’t a cat in hells chance we could buy some where to do what we want to do in Britain so we looked elsewhere. Bavaria was an option for a while but German house prices are similar to Britain’s so no joy there. You simply cannot live a self sufficient lifestyle in Britain without a large sum of capital behind you to get started which kind of defeats the object. If you can get an allotment you’re on the way but they are so few and far between these days as well. Probably because successive governments in this country keep building more and more houses instead of looking at why there are so many of us over breeding.

One of the other biggest reasons is that Britain is no longer a place I want my son to live in. Something is wrong with Britain. We have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe. The highest suicide rate of men aged 16-25. Our cultural icons include people like;

·         Premiership footballers - who sleep with their team mate’s partners, can’t shake hands at the start of games, cheat on their partners with prostitutes and glamour models, let off fireworks in their bathrooms, don’t respect the referees and get sent down for rape and still get chosen for an international side they don’t seem bothered to play for.

·         Reality TV/talent show stars whose only claim to fame is appearing on some crap TV show and behaving like an arse or being so painfully thick that you start to worry about how they actually don’t just fall down all the time.

·         People ‘ho is street, like. (Sorry for the attempt at youth speak) We seem to be going down a line where people who act or pretend to act like “gangsters” (for want of a better term) are cool and their antics celebrated and laughed at despite the fact that when the real thing happens people are bullied, intimidated, stabbed, shot and killed.

There are many others but I don’t get why unintelligence, idiotic behaviour and criminal activity seem to be celebrated by certain sectors of the British media (Mind you we all know about their lack of moral fibre) and quite frankly I don’t want my children growing up in a country where this seems to be the overriding influence on youth culture.

If you’re still reading, thanks. Now, I have a theory about what is wrong with Britain. We seem to have developed an “I want it and I want it now” coupled with an “It’s my right to have it” mentality. What I mean by this I think can be demonstrated by two points. Firstly the “Pay nothing for a year credit deal” that you find on things like TVs and sofas. So it goes like this-I want the latest 3D HD surround sound TV. Fine, save up and get it. But no, I want it now and I don’t care if I can’t afford it, so I get it on a deal, no one gets paid for a year and I have my must- have material goods. Secondly, the talent(less) show. I want to be famous/have a record deal. OK, slog away in the underground clubs, send lots of demos to important people, build up a fan base, get discovered, have a difficult third album and you’re done. But, no I want it now, so I go on TV and I get instant exposure. Wham bam, FAME. It applies to fans as well. Not a lot of people seem to be prepared to put the time in to see an act develop from underground club to success on a global scale. We want our music stars fully formed and getting a number 1 albums first try and move to a new one next year. I could go on and list other ways to back up my theory. I think it started in the eighties with the Tories and greed is good culture. Want and buy expensive, beautiful things with your money. Then Blair came along and allowed anyone to “buy” beautiful things even if they didn’t have money. Hence we have a society where people seem more concerned with getting hold of material goods we want, than getting what you need and can afford.

So that’s it, why we are leaving this once green and pleasant land. Add to this people who buy Staffies as status symbols, crap weather, even worse public transport, high taxes, no incentive to try, over inflated prices (We’re called rip off Britain for a reason), inability to function as a multicultural society, (We should be really good at this when you consider our history) people who insist on driving in the middle lane of the motorway even when the inside lane is empty and probably loads more and you’ve got it. I have to get out before go even madder than I already am.