Monday, 13 August 2012

Back to the land of the information super highway we return. Two months since our last entry. Takes that long to set up internet in the Correze! But, it arrives via microwaves so we can also thaw out our dinner at the same time as surfing the net!! What a two months it has been. Lots done here and even more still to do. Thought the best way to keep you the devoted reader in the know with this entry is to keep things simple and write a list of things that have been done. I will endeavour to expand, for those of you who are interested at a later date but for now......... In no particular order.

o   Painted rooms white (Mostly done by in laws on their visit)

o   Built two rabbit houses, obtained two rabbits, one at market one from friend, both escaped, both came back, mated rabbits, awaiting results.

o   Learned how to despatch, skin and gut rabbits.

o   Built chicken house and enclosure, got 5 chickens (4 girls 1 cockerel), cockerel escaped and came back, reoccurring theme here?

o   Found traditional fireplace in kitchen, boarded up and, as with most French houses, very “tastefully” decorated.

o   Demolished not so traditional fireplace in living room.

o   Built fence round dog and human garden.

o   Double dug 3 large veg beds and single dug 2 small fruit beds. 3 more veg beds to go but I’m on digging strike until the weather cools down. Digging in 30oC is not fun.

o   Been given two ovens, one electric one wood fuelled (For the traditional fireplace in the kitchen.

o   Written off the Land Rover. Discovered that the garage owner had sent wrong paperwork to DVLA. AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!

o   Drove the mayor’s car for a week.

o   Bought a French car.

o   Filled out ALOT of French paperwork.

o   Discovered a new unit of time. The Correzian Moment.

o   Played my French debut performance. Went down a lot better than my Belgian debut (No jazz just Nick Drake, didn’t go down well but that’s a different story)

o   Destroyed a drill bit trying to drill through Granite walls.

o   Met a lot of very nice people who have been very helpful.

o   Signed up for the local rugby team and have discovered that the ERFU haven’t changed since 1900.

o   Eaten a lot of cheese, bread and some strange sausages but despite this am losing weight, happy happy days!

o   Broken countless glasses and things on the tiled unbreakable floor.

Well not all plain sailing but we are now eating eggs and veg from the garden and enjoyed the good weather so we are now finally on the way to achieving the goal of self sufficiency en France. I hope that you will keep reading as our adventures surely will get harder as the year progresses . And finally as promised............